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Episode 18 - Leading with Human Centred Design with Leesa Tongoulidis of Human Art

Today I bring you a reflective conversation with Leesa Tongoulidis of Human Art. Our topic of conversation is Human Centred Design (or HCD), something that Leesa has been practising way before it had a label.

Our conversation begins with me asking Leesa for her definition of HCD so we can demystify it and she gives me a simple, highly memorable response.  


Here are a few of the golden nuggets gleaned from our conversation:-

  • Why, in Leesa’s opinion, HCD isn’t (yet) embedded in organisational cultures
  • Evidence of organisations doing HCD well
  • How iCare embraced HCD with their worker’s compensation claims process
  • Empathy as a foundation for HCD
  • How Leesa is giving back through her business Human Art

Leesa mentioned a number of resources here:-

Why Human Centred Design is a key future skill | RMIT University - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKofCWEMv24

The story of how a global brand was created in 1894 using HCD principles and some practical tips for adopting HCD practices

https://www.wired.com/insights/2013/12/human-centered-design-matters/ -

HCD in the era of Covid - https://www.bcg.com/en-au/publications/2020/the-importance-of-human-centered-design

Bringing the brain into HCD - http://customerinnovations.com/the-emergence-of-cognitive-experience-design/    

The Cynefin framework - https://cynefincentre.com/the-cynefin-framework/

Make me a leader - award winning documentary - https://www.aboutmybrain.com/make-me-a-leader 

Leesa’s website - https://humanart.com.au/

Leesa on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/leesatongoulidis/

Episode 17 - Leading with Engagement with Peter Voskuilen of Rentokil Initial

Today I bring you a conversation focused on engagement with Peter Voskuilen, Pacific IT Director at Rentokil Initial. Filled with tips, strategies and practical examples of creating and maintaining engagement in time of disruption. 

Leading the Next Generation - a Conversation with Stephanie Christopher of The Executive Connection

A lively conversation with Stephanie Christopher CEO of The Executive Connection, an organisation I speak for.

Our conversation begins with a question I’ve never asked my previous podcast guests and takes on a journey of Stephanie’s carer and her passion for leading the next generation.

An early turning point for Stephanie came as her father suggested she would make a good PA and her mother retorted that she would make a better boss! Stephanie shares how she, like many of us, was ‘a product of the times’ – she then goes on to share how she changed that trajectory.

Here are a few of the golden nuggets gleaned from our conversation:-

  • How we are influenced by stereotypes
  • Why you can’t be a ‘one man band’ as a leader
  • What’s your lens of talent through the whole organisation?
  • The advent of ‘choose your own career pathways
  • Why you need to slow down to speed up
  • The best question to ask a person starting on their first day of a new job!
  • Acknowledge your bias when it comes to leading intergenerational teams – look in the mirror
  • Be open to not having all the answers – experience can count for much…or it can count for nothing

The Executive Connection website 

TEC Live Podcast

Stephanie on LinkedIn

Leading Virtually - a Conversation with Emma Weber of Lever Transfer of Learning

A topical conversation jam packed with tips, tools and tales from the trenches on leading in a virtual world. Emma Weber set up her organisation to lead virtually from inception in 2002 and generously shares her wisdom on what to do and not to do to succeed leading your people virtually.

Leading with Curiosity - a Conversation with Stella Collins of Stella Labs

An enlightening conversational exploration of the role of curiosity in leadership. Stella is a superb storyteller sharing how curiosity shaped her career and life. We also do a deep dive into the role of curiosity in leadership.

Leadership is Upside Down - a Conversation with Silvia Damiano of the About my Brain Institute

Silvia founded The About my Brain Institute in 2009, with the purpose of democratising leadership & neuroscience. She has a passionately held belief, that leaders in our 21st century global economy and their organisations must radically change long-held ideas of what constitutes effective leadership and this is will be the topic of our podcast today

The Intuitive Leader - a Conversation with Raf Seymus of Stellar Labs

A thought-provoking conversation on the topic of intuition in leadership, decision-making and relationship building

The Intentional Leader - a Conversation with Gunnar Habitz of Hootsuite

An engaging conversation where Gunnar shares the the challenges and triumphs of self-development from an accidental manager to an intentional leader.

Leading with Grit and Grace - a Conversation with Jeanette Allom Hill of Boston Consulting Group

An insightful conversation where Jeanette shares the challenges and triumphs of carving a deliberate varied leadership career serving both private and public sector and across the globe.

The Enabling Leader - a Conversation with Marcus van Vugt of Price Waterhouse Coopers

Marcus is passionate about ensuring that everyone knows how they contribute to individual and team success, whatever that may look like through his commitment to enabling leadership.
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